List Of Incredibly Hot Springs To Visit In NSW

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People search for various vacation destinations throughout the winter to visit and spend their leisure time. On the other hand, beaches are arguably the most exciting destination to visit throughout the summer. But what happens throughout the winter? Beaches during a chilly winter? No way to cold water, buddy! So, everyone who visits Sydney wonders how to make the winters more interesting. Our astounding minds have propelled us to reach the hot springs. You may unwind your entire body and mind at beautiful hot springs in the most tranquil location. 

The pleasure of the winters always comes with hot relaxing baths–Sylvia Plath and this is true! Hot springs can naturally heal your body against the cold weather and give your body a lot of pleasure in relaxation. So, what can be more beautiful than saying goodbye to the fast-paced world and relaxing with your loved ones in hot springs? You no longer have to look for the best hot springs to visit in NSW because we are here to guide you.

The Most Beautiful Hot Springs To Visit In NSW

So, Let’s Get Started With Our List Of The Best Hot Springs To Visit In NSW. 

1. Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre

Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre

In the town of Moree in the Australian state of New South Wales, there is a unique location called the Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre. It is distinctive since it features natural hot springs. Deep subterranean water from these hot springs is naturally heated by the heat of the Earth.

People prefer to unwind and enjoy the warm water at the Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre. In addition to being warm, the water is also rich in minerals that are said to be healthy for the body. In other words, it’s like taking a relaxing bath that’s also healthy for your health.

You can visit this location with your family throughout the year and take advantage of the historic spa that has been kept for a long time. Scientific research has shown that the minerals found in these hot springs are healthy and beneficial. In addition to hot springs, it also has a spa, exercise programs, health clubs, fitness awareness, and many other benefits. Therefore, you can visit this location to see the natural beauty of NSW’s hot springs.

Name Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre
Entry Fee Concession: $6.80, Adult: $9.00, Family (2 Adults & 2 Children): $28.50
Location 20 Anne St, Moree NSW 2400, Australia
Opening Hours Monday - Friday : 6am - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday : 8am - 6pm
Public Holidays : 10am - 5pm
Facilities Offered Spa, cafe, massage, spa treatments, waterslide, commercial gym, waterpark
What to Bring Hat, Sunscreen, Moisturisers
Distance From Sydney 632.4 km (7hr 6min)
Where to Stay Winchester Motel, Golden Harvest Motor Inn, Albert Motel
Where to Eat Moree Thai Cuisine, New Bo Wa Restaurant, Cafe Omega

Google Review: “Easy, accessible hot Artesian spa pool near a load of simple Moree motels. Works on one pool happening now – and a bit noisy. Great start for us early morning before a day back on the road north. Modestly priced. Friendly staff.” – Tony Mol

2. Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool

Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool

Another amazing location where you may experience the hot springs is Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool, which is situated in the Kosciuszko National Park. It is an artificial outdoor hot pool, fed by a natural spring, with several activities and a significant riverside promenade. The pool’s location inside a limestone cave makes it even more beautiful and gives your trip a sense of adventure. It’s like entering a natural wonderland to swim in a warm, clear pool surrounded by old rock formations and the sounds of trickling water.

The temperature of the water in the Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool never rises above 27°C (81°F). As a result, it’s the ideal spot for a swim, to unwind, and to take advantage of the special opportunity to swim inside a cave. Additionally, the water’s mineral content is supposed to benefit your complexion and general health.

Overall we recommend you visit this place because of its calm ambience and its relaxing and calming zone, which will make you fall in love. This place is surrounded by stunning scenery, including a river and caverns. What else do you need to make the winter months worthwhile? Yes, you can give this place a shot.

Name Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool
Entry Fee Pool Entry Free, Park Entry Fees Apply
Location Thermal Pool Walk, Yarrangobilly NSW 2720, Australia
Opening Hours Monday - Sunday : 9am to 5pm
Facilities Offered Picnic Area, Toilets, Change Rooms
What to Bring A Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Hat, and Pair of Clothes
Distance From Sydney 486.3 km (5 hr 28 min)
Where to Stay Yarrangobilly Caves House, Providence Park, Siesta Villa
Where to Eat The Oriental Hotel Tumut, Tumut's Pie in the Sky Bakery, Woolpack Hotel Tumut

Google Review: “What a great place!!!! We had Josh  as our cave guide, this young fella was a wealth of knowledge about everything in and around the National Park nothing was a problem answered everything anyone asked. Highly recommend taking a trip out there.” – Craig McFadyen

3. Lightning Ridge Bore Baths

Lightning Ridge Bore Baths

It is true that natural thermal baths can help with any stressful issue. Burren Junction, which was established in 1962 near Lightning Ridge, is one of the most exciting places to explore the hot springs. 

Although these pools are a little different from conventional hot springs, they provide a unique and healing experience. While there are no naturally heated pools at Lightning Ridge Bore Baths, there is artesian bore water. This water, which originates from a deep underground source, is renowned for its warmth and mineral content. People think that this water has therapeutic qualities and might be wonderful for your skin and general health.

It is unquestionably true that the water in this area is about two million years old and comes from the Artesian Basin. Unexpected, yes? It is! Yes, this location is ideal for you to appreciate if you wish to immerse yourself in the paradise of lukewarm water. What a joy these subterranean springs were; they were only 200 metres near the Moonstone Campground lodging. Additionally, this enormous jacuzzi is a public area that is free to use. So you can enjoy the scorching water there without giving it a second thought.

Name Lightning Ridge Bore Baths
Website NA
Entry Fee Free of Cost
Location Pandora St, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 hours, Everyday
Closed for Cleaning on Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 10 am-12noon
Distance From Sydney 717.1 km (8hr 31min)
Where to Stay Wallangulla Motel, BIG4 Opal Holiday Park, Chasin' Opal Holiday Park
Where to Eat Bruno's Italian Restaurant & Takeaway, Gourmet Gecko Cafe, Nobby's Bar
Facilities Offered Poolside Showers, Public Toilets
What to Bring Sunscreen, Extra Pair Of Clothes, Fruits And Beverage

Google Review: “Lightning Ridge hot baths were great. Clean and it’s a large very pleasant soak at around 40° Celsius. The pool area and amenities are cleaned daily between 10am and midday.” – Chris Hooper

4. Pilliga Bore Baths

Pilliga Bore Baths

The next most wonderful choice that springs to mind when we imagine hot baths and a pleasant time is Pilliga Bore Baths. The quiet setting of the Pilliga Bore Baths is one of its most appealing features. Australian native bushland will surround you, providing a tranquil and all-encompassing encounter with the natural world. The sounds of the birds and the rustling leaves of the trees create a unique and peaceful atmosphere while you unwind in the warm water.

Take a plunge in the 37-degree bitumen water of the Pilliga Artesian Bore Bath to ease your aches and pains. It is one of the most well-liked locations for swimming and excursions with friends and families. The location is special due to the thermal water that has been sought after for many years. Since the beginning of time, this location has had its own unique, authentic, and aesthetic values. Many locals and tourists have also accepted the notion that this area’s water has been utilised to treat a variety of ailments since ancient times. So, yeah, it is a trip to experience the hot springs.

Name Pilliga Bore Baths
Entry Fee Free Entry
Location Narrabri Rd, Pilliga NSW 2388, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 hours, Everyday
Closed from 9am-11am every Friday for cleaning
Distance From Sydney 605.4 km (6hr 52min)
Where to Stay Mid Town Inn Narrabri, Kaputar Motel Narrabri, Club Motor Inn
Where to Eat Wee Waa Hot Bread, T-Table, Thai Home Restaurant
Facilities Offered Public Toilet, BBQ, Camping, Pet Friendly, Swimming Pool
What to Bring Pair Of Clothes, Moisturizer, Food For The Barbeque, Traveling Essential

Google Review: “Great bath. t water was more than 37°C. It wasn’t crowded. Plenty of parking. There are toilets and  a shower, BBQ, and tables. Very quiet. The road from Baradine has an unsealed part ( 28km), be careful.” – Elena Iagunkova

5. Boomi Hot Springs

Boomi Hot Springs

One of Sydney’s most tranquil hot springs, Boomi Hot Springs is situated in the peaceful settlement of Boomi, about 80 kilometres west of Goondiwindi and 90 kilometres north of Moree. Why this hot spring? Because it is not very well-known and, hence, not very crowded. Therefore, this is the ideal location for anyone looking to spend some quality time alone and away from the mob. 

The Great Artesian Basin provides the water for the Boomi Hot Springs, which is heated by the earth’s internal heat. This produces an incredibly cosy and calming atmosphere that is ideal for relaxing and recuperating. A trip to the Boomi Hot Springs is like a soak in a wilderness spa. It is thought that the water’s helpful minerals are present and that it is a comfortable temperature. Many guests discover that taking a dip in these springs helps them unwind physically and mentally.

Additionally, you can relax poolside or in the ocean while taking advantage of the hot springs. What’s this? Here, you can take in the lush dawn from every angle. So, yes, it’s the ideal location for you to visit with your loved ones and enjoy the uplifting beauty.

Name Boomi Hot Springs
Website NA
Entry Fee Adults: $6/person, Pensioner Concession: $5/person, Children - 3+: $4/ person, Children - Under 3: Free
Location 39 Bishop St, Boomi NSW 2405, Australia
Opening Hours Winter Operating Hours: 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 5pm Everyday
Summer Operating Hours: Weekdays: 1pm - 6pm
Weekends: 12pm - 6pm
Distance From Sydney 8 hr 15 min (728.1 km)
Where to Stay Pioneer Hotel, Talwood Hotel, Boggabilla Motel
Where to Eat Bruno's Italian Restaurant & Takeaway, Nobby's Bistro Bar & Grill
Facilities Offered Tennis Court, Toddler's Playground, BBQ, Kiosk, Cold Pool, wading pool, Hot Artesian Spa Pool
What to Bring Cold Beverages, Moisturizer, Tanning Suits

Google Review: “Hot Springs were really beautiful and refreshing. Three pools available, Hot Spring, lap/swimming pool and a children’s pool, all covered well with shade cloth. Bring your own picnic or you can purchase some food and hot/cold drinks on site. If in the area a visit is a must.” – Matthew Sparks

6. Burren Junction Bore Baths

Burren Junction Bore Baths

The Burren Junction For visitors looking for a break from the arid landscapes of New South Wales, Bore Baths offer a distinctive and restorative experience. This undiscovered treasure is a well-liked vacation spot for both residents and tourists and is situated around 100 km southwest of Narrabri. These underground springs discharge mineral-rich, naturally heated water that is thought to have therapeutic qualities. The water’s constant temperature of roughly 41 °C makes it ideal for soaking and unwinding.

The bore baths’ mineral-rich water is recognised for its possible health advantages. Numerous guests come here looking for relief from a variety of problems, like arthritis, muscular aches, and skin issues. Anyone wishing to relax and unwind will find the warm water to be the perfect place to go because it may ease weary muscles and encourage sleep.

At the Burren Junction Bore Baths, there aren’t many opulent items to be found. However, there is a helpful location close by that has sanitary restrooms, areas for grilling food, and clean water to drink. You can travel the 2-kilometer distance to the tiny village of Burren Junction to get a taste of rural life. 

Name Burren Junction Bore Baths
Entry Fee Free
Location Burren Junction NSW 2386, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 Hours
Distance From Sydney 7 hr 3 min (613.4 km)
Where to Stay Adelong Motel Narrabri, Kaputar Motel Narrabri, Crossroads Hotel
Where to Eat Junction City Hotel, The Tourist Hotel, Bucking Bull Hotel
Facilities Offered Toilets, Disabled Facilities, Showers, Drinking Water, Mobile Phone Reception, Pets Permitted, Camper Trailers, Caravans, RV Turn Around Area, Fires Permitted, Picnic Table, BBQ,
What to Bring Towel, Changing Clothes, Moisturizer, Camping Gear

Google Review: “A must do stop for at least a night. The baths are amazing in the middle of nowhere and the sunset and sunrise a bonus. Facilities are good and a solid 5 stars from me.” – Wendy Johnson

7. Japanese Bath House

 Japanese Bath House

Visitors can enjoy a tranquil and genuine Japanese bathing experience at the Blue Mountains’ Japanese Bath House while taking in the breathtaking natural splendour of this well-known Australian destination. Here, in the midst of peaceful gardens and woodlands, you may relax in hot baths that were inspired by the Japanese onsen tradition. These thermal pools’ natural soil heat provides a relaxing, therapeutic environment that can help tension and exhaustion dissolve. The saunas also provide a refreshing experience, purifying the body and the psyche.

The therapeutic properties of the thermal baths, the serene surroundings, and the mindfulness exercises all work together to produce a comprehensive experience that encourages relaxation and well-being. The bathhouse frequently provides traditional Japanese rituals including tea ceremonies and tranquil areas for meditation in order to enhance your experience. These customs help people establish a stronger bond with Japan’s peaceful and attentive culture.

Name Japanese Bath House
Entry Fee $95 per person
Location 259 Sir Thomas Mitchell Dr, South Bowenfels NSW 2790, Australia
Opening Hours Sunday : 11 am–6 pm
Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday : Closed
Thursday : Closed
Friday : 2–9 pm
Saturday : 12–9 pm
Distance From Sydney 2 hr 36 min (141.7 km)
Where to Stay Zig Zag Motel, Sky Rider Motor Inn, Lithgow Workies Club Motel
Where to Eat Crib Room Restaurant, Frankie's Restaurant & Bar, Surveyor's Restaurant
Facilities Offered Accommodation, Food, Massage, Robe and Towel Hire
What to Bring Swimming Costumes, Bath Towel

Google Review: “Just as we expected and more. My partner and I booked the private bath experience and the three hour bath house entry for our anniversary. Well worth the money.  It left us feeling rejuvenated, relaxed beyond belief and like we had been truly pampered. What a beautiful experience.” – Holly Slater

Tips For Hot Spring Visit

  • Book Your Tickets Prior

Always be sure to reserve your tickets in advance. There are several locations where reservations are necessary; otherwise, you won’t be able to visit that location. Additionally, keep yourself managed while travelling, and purchase your tickets from the web if available.

  • Must Take Skin Essentials With You

Take the necessary skin care products with you before visiting hot springs to protect your skin from the sun’s rays and steam water’s direct effects. Bring along all skin care necessities, such as sunscreen, moisturisers, sunbathing lotions, and a set of clothes.

  • Plan Your Trip Wisley

Plan your trip in advance to ensure that you know where you’ll be going and how long it will take you to get there. This will ensure that you have a safe trip and that you can visit more interesting places while on vacation.

  • Reach Before The Timings 

Make sure to arrive at the hot springs before cutting time because there are many instances in which free admission is not offered, which increases the likelihood that the location will be incredibly crowded. By arriving early, you can benefit from the hot springs’ full capacity.

Wrapping Up

We all agree that taking advantage of hot springs is enjoyable, especially during the winter. What can we anticipate more of in the winter than the relaxing effects of a warm dip in a hot spring? The top hot springs that you can visit to enhance your experience are included in this blog. You can visit the locations and take in their natural beauty in addition to the benefits of a thermal bath. These locations will undoubtedly improve your winter travel experience. 

When planning a winter trip to New South Wales, be sure to bookmark these locations and make a point of visiting them.


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