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For many people, clothes can be the mode by which they can feel confident, no matter what they are wearing. It can be anything whether a perfectly tailor-stitched suit or a sexy dress. From wearing those stretchable yoga pants holding everything in the proper place to your favourite loose jeans, your confidence is greatly influenced by your choice of clothing. If you are heading out for any purpose whether for a date, an interview or to the gym, you must keep holding your head slightly a bit higher when you are wearing something you adore. The thought of how someone wears clothes has a big impact on their level of confidence which has been supported by many studies.

Do you recall how it feels to be dressed in a new outfit and feel like you are more special than the others? That is what basically known as confidence in fashion. Being self-assured in what you are wearing and your appearance whether or not people are complimenting you is what it mainly represents. You experience an overflow of strength, a sense of power, and a general dynamic vibe as a result. The trend of dressing for confidence is hyped among all. Also, the discussion for “fashion wellness” has been started by the fashion editors with a perspective to highlight the dressing that not only looks fabulous but also makes the person feel confident. Dressing for happiness and satisfaction is important, not for a trend or instant gratification. Nevertheless, since fashion trends are constantly shifting, relying exclusively on them is probably not the best way to boost your self-assurance. For this reason, you must be both fashionable and classy.

We have mentioned the following guidelines that can be a helpful key for you to dress with confidence:

1. Wear What Makes You Comfortable

Wear What Makes You Comfortable

What can be worse than being caught off guard while wearing clothes which doesn’t make you feel comfortable at all? It’s totally acceptable if you prefer to cover up more or less but pay attention to how much skin you are exposing. You may begin to feel frumpy if your dress is way too longer than you would like. On the other hand, a bottomless neckline or a dress that gets shorter when you sit, however, might make you feel awkward if you prefer to cover up. Before leaving the house, you should always ensure that your dress fits you properly. If your clothes are too tight or loose then there will be a need to adjust them frequently which can make you feel uncomfortable. In addition to this, you should always feel positive about your appearance.

Most people have faced situations like neckline plunges lower which makes them uncomfortable or the straps of your strappy tank top falling off their shoulders or anything like that. These kinds of situations can make you feel embarrassed or less confident in public. To avoid these embarrassing troubles in the future, you should first try the outfit before leaving your house and if you don’t feel comfortable and confident, then avoid wearing them.

2. Know The Body Type

Know The Body Type

There are the 4 most common body types and we have recommendations for how each one can dress accordingly:

  • Pear or Bell (Triangle Upwards): When the hip sizes are greater than the bust sizes, a person has a pear or bell-shaped body type. In this situation, you need to think about wearing clothes that draw attention to your waist, which may be your best feature, while giving your upper body a little extra volume. You can achieve this appearance by avoiding overly flowy or boxy clothing that will cover your waistline and opting instead for brighter hues or prints.
  • Apple (Triangle Downwards): When someone has wider shoulders and the size of the bust is more than the hips size, a person has an apple-shaped body type. In this situation, a person might think of putting on top-heavy clothes that include oversized jackets or shirts made of lighter cloth materials. You can choose a shirt with a flare at the bottom or even complete your look with a belt to emphasise your waistline. Furthermore, a fitted pair of pants will highlight your curves when worn with a belted or flared top.
  • Banana or Straight (Rectangular): Banana-shaped body type refers to a person who doesn’t have a particularly defined waistline and has the same measurements for their hips and bust. You need to dress accordingly like matching the fit of your top and bottom pieces when choosing your outfits, to achieve the best results when dressing for this body type. If you are choosing to wear loose clothing on top then you must wear loose clothing on the bottom. A belt or the use of contrasting colours between the top and bottom pieces would be another way to draw attention to your waist.
  • Hourglass (Triangles Opposing and Facing Inwards): Hourglass-shaped body type, which is often described as the “ideal,” is portrayed by a slimmer waist and almost equal hip and bust measurements. With this body shape, you want something that will highlight your curves rather than covering up. You need to select clothing that emphasises your body’s natural shape, even if you are not wearing something that is tight-fitted to your body. Also, try to avoid wearing clothes that will attract attention to the top or bottom more than the other, as this may lead to cause unbalance.

3. Know What Colours Suit You Best

Know What Colours Suit You Best

Being aware of what looks great on you and what doesn’t is the first step in dressing with confidence. Getting to know which colours complement your skin tone and hair colour best is the most important deciding factor. People with the same hair and skin tones tend to fall into similar categories, despite the fact that there are many different ways to choose your colour palette. Some colours may work better for you than others depending on your skin tone and hair colour. While selecting the colours of our clothing, the first thing we check is how it appears on our skin tone and then later on with our hair colour. Cool skin coloured people typically look better in pastel colours, lighter hues, and all shades of blue. Warm skin coloured people generally look better in more vibrant colours, including any shade of red, orange, or yellow.

Picking which colours to wear involves your hair colour too. Blondes with fair skin may prefer jewel tones because these bright shades will increase contrast. On the other hand, warmer shades like coral and gold might look stunning on you if you have darker or olive skin. Redheads typically look stunning in green, while blondes look good in softer summer hues like pink and teal blue.

4. Be Yourself

Be Yourself

You are unique in the world, so your fashion preferences should reflect who you truly are and be yourself. Despite the fact that it is acceptable to look to others for inspiration, basic style advice, or outfit combinations, developing true fashion confidence and feeling your best in clothes will be included in knowing your own style. You can get inspiration from others by adding your own flair.

If you want to be dressed confidently, it’s also necessary to consider how you feel when you are attired. Keep in mind that you should always express yourself in some way through your clothing, even if the styles that feel natural to you are sometimes orthodox. Feel free to showcase your individual style, especially in day-to-day situations. By doing this, even if you are wearing items you wouldn’t typically wear, your outfit will still feel like you.

5. Start From The Bottom

Start From The Bottom

Your overall look can’t be fully complete without perfect footwear. They are an essential part of your entire dressed-up look as they can make you look stunning or even can ruin your appearance. You need to choose footwears which are not only trendy and stylish but also comfortable because it can affect your comfort level for the entire day. Always give more attention to quality over quantity and wear them according to your dress and day requirements like office, event, shopping, party, and many more.

A few things you should keep in mind before choosing footwear for your day include selecting neutral colours if you are confused about which colour footwear will go with your outfit, don’t overmatch the colours with your clothes, and if you are wearing patterned or printed clothes then avoid wearing matching printed footwears.

6. Have The Right Undergarments

Have The Right Undergarments

For any outfit to look good on your body and to make you feel confident at the same time, perfect undergarments are very important. You need to wear undergarments that are flawlessly fit to your body, virtually becomes invisible under the clothes you wear, match your skin tone well and most importantly make you feel comfortable. As you have seen some people get awkward and uncomfortable in public due to their undergarments’ visibility or discomfort. To prevent such situations in the future with you, always check your overall appearance in the mirror before leaving the house.

7. Buy Quality Pieces

Buy Quality Pieces

You should always purchase good quality clothes as they not only last for a long time but are also extremely comfortable when you wear them. They are made of high-quality materials and are stitched perfectly so that the clothes can resist any damage from wear and tear. High-quality clothes are designed and created in such a way that makes you look great and boosts your confidence level. If you choose to wear branded clothes, they will undoubtedly reflect your personality, sense of style, mood, and many other aspects related to who you truly are as a person.

Also by purchasing long-lasting and good quality pieces (also known as slow fashion), you are initiating the protection of the environment by reducing the level of chemicals and waste being produced. As people are continuously purchasing many clothes, which means that the industry will manufacture more clothes and there will be high production. This will lead to the use of a massive amount of chemicals and a huge amount of waste is produced during manufacturing that is very harmful to the environment.


Looking and feeling your best every day can be easy if you have the right strategies in place. Confidence starts with what you’re wearing, so above we have mentioned some tips to help you dress with confidence on a daily basis: Choose clothing that is comfortable, fits your body well, and makes you feel good. Take the time to pick out pieces that flatter your shape and look for something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Know what is appropriate for the occasion; dressing according to the situation will give you an extra boost of confidence. Finally, accessorizing can be an important part of looking polished; experiment with a bold color or pattern to add a unique touch to your look!

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