7 Spectacular Spots to Catch the Sunset Over Melbourne

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Looking for the best places to watch a stunning Melbourne sunset? Melbourne is home to a variety of gorgeous natural and urban spots. From winding creeks with lush greenery to colorful murals by local street artists, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring sunset scenes that all travelers should witness at least once in their lifetime. Whether you explore the far corners of nature or journey into the cityscape, you won’t be disappointed! From incredible rooftops to beautiful beaches, Melbourne has some of the best sunset spots that are sure to offer you mesmerizing views. Whether you’re looking for that perfect romantic spot or just want to enjoy a sunset any day of the week, here are some of the best sunset spots in Melbourne!

1. St Kilda Pier

St Kilda Pier

Watching the sunset over St Kilda Pier is a truly special experience – be it at dusk or dawn. On a clear day, you can see for miles across the bay, and with its dramatic colors and reflections off the water, it really is a sight to remember. Its warm glow in the sky will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed, so make sure to take some time to appreciate its beauty! St Kilda Pier is a prominent landmark situated off the coast of Melbourne, Australia.It stands 54 meters tall and stretches approximately 290 metres into Port Phillip Bay. The pier is home to many species of birds and marine life native to the area, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers and best photographers. In addition to its abundant wildlife, St Kilda Pier also features a boat shed, kiosk, playground and picnic area to provide visitors with an enjoyable place for recreation and relaxation.

Name St Kilda Pier
Website parks.vic.gov.au
Sunset Time 8:30pm
Opening Time Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Address Pier Rd, St Kilda, Port Phillip, Victoria 3182 Australia
How To Reach By Bus Bus lines stop near St Kilda Pier: 246, 606, 923.
How To Reach By Train Take the train to Balaclava station after that tram number 16
Directions goo.gl/maps
Nearby Attractions Crown Melbourne, Luna Park Melbourne, St Kilda Esplanade Market, St Kilda Botanical Gardens, St Kilda Sea Baths Complex
Best Nearby Hotels Selina St Kilda, View Melbourne, Bayview Eden
Best Restaurants St Kilda Pier Kiosk, Donovans, Republica, Beachcomber Cafe

Google Review: “Great place to enjoy the water and boat views with Melbourne CBD on the background. Perfect for walking and exercise. Good spot for taking great photos especially at sunset. Great cafes and restaurants around the area. Public toilet available. Free and paid parking around the area.” Jopopz Tallorin

2. Melbourne Skydeck

Melbourne Skydeck

One of the best places to catch a stunning Melbourne sunset is at The Skydeck, a viewing platform located atop Eureka Tower in the heart of Melbourne CBD. Standing almost 300 metres tall above the city skyline, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Melbourne and its surroundings while admiring an unforgettable orange-coloured horizon as the day comes to an end. Located in the City of Melbourne, Australia, the Skydeck is a scenic observation deck that offers incredible 360-degree views of the city’s skyline.

Standing 285 meters above ground level and boasting an expansive viewing platform, it is one of the tallest structures in the region and a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. From its vantage point visitors are able to take in breathtaking views of the city, mountains, beaches and waterways while enjoying interactive displays and exclusive dining experiences.

Name Melbourne Skydeck
Website melbourneskydeck.com.au
Sunset Time 8:26pm
Opening Time Monday: 12–10pm
Tuesday: 12–10pm
Wednesday: 12–10pm
Thursday: 12–10pm
Friday: 12–10pm
Saturday: 12–10pm
Sunday: 12–10pm
Address 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006
How To Reach By Bus Bus lines stop near Melbourne Skydeck: 207, 234, 251, 302, 605
How To Reach By Train Step out at Flinders Street Station, and walk another side of the bridge across the Yarra Bridge and walk for 5 minutes.
Directions goo.gl/maps
Nearby Attractions National Gallery of Victoria, SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, Fed Square
Best Nearby Hotels InterContinental, Crown Towers, Grand Hyatt, Mantra Southbank
Best Restaurants Asado, Othello, Melba Restaurant, Pure South Dining

Google Review: “Best place to get a birds eye view of the city of Melbourne. The sunset from the top is breathtaking. The best time to visit is in the afternoon just before the sunset and the sun is not too bright, the city looks spectacular. The night view also very nice. Tickets are a bit pricey but worth the experience. Highly recommended”- Ishtiaque Mahmood

3. The Boatbuilders Yard

The Boatbuilders Yard

At The Boatbuilders Yard, you can witness one of the best sunsets in all of Melbourne. As the sun takes its daily dip, sit back and enjoy the melodic sounds of the nearby marina and watch as the sky is illuminated with a brilliant golden hue that can’t be found anywhere else. A truly serene experience! With its stunning waterfront views, it’s the perfect spot to watch as the sun dips below the horizon in a blaze of orange and red hues. Weather permitting, grab yourself a picnic blanket and settle down for an evening of unparalleled natural beauty.

The Boatbuilders Yard is definitely one of Melbourne’s top spots for a spectacular sunset! Here visitors can view traditional Maritime activities such as ropemaking, shipwrights’ toolboxes, sailmaking, and more – all in a stunning heritage setting. The Yard also provides a range of educational tours and experiences for students and adults alike, ensuring that their innovative boat-building history lives on for generations to come.

Name The Boatbuilders Yard
Website theboatbuildersyard.com.au
Sunset Time 8:26pm
Opening Time Monday: 10am–10pm
Tuesday: 10am–10pm
Wednesday: 10am–11pm
Thursday: 10am–11pm
Friday: 9am–12am
Saturday: 9am–12am
Sunday: 9am–10pm
Address 23 South Wharf Promenade South Wharf, VIC 3006
How To Reach By Bus Bus lines stop near The Boatbuilders Yard: 235, 605
How To Reach By Train Southern Cross is the nearest station to The Boatbuilders Yard. From there you can take a tram or walk for 10 minutes.
Directions goo.gl/maps
Nearby Attractions Batman Park, Webb Bridge, Docklands Park
Best Nearby Hotels Novotel Melbourne South Wharf, Pan Pacific Melbourne, Crowne Plaza Melbourne
Best Restaurants Munich Brauhaus, Caffe Cino, The Merrywell Melbourne

Google Review: “A great place for a casual dinner and a few drinks. Parking is close by. The menu is limited but delicious and reasonably priced. Absolutely love the outlook onto the river. Great place to be at sunset.” – robnal4wd

4. Flagstaff Gardens

Flagstaff Gardens

Flagstaff Gardens is a stunning spot to experience the beauty of a Melbourne sunset. It’s a peaceful haven in the heart of the nearby city that provides an idyllic backdrop for a romantic stroll, or just admiring the beauty as the day turns to night. With its serene ponds, lush greenery and blooming flowers, it’s no wonder why watching the sun dip low from this tranquil setting is so popular among locals and tourists alike. The garden was established in 1862, making it one of the oldest gardens in Victoria. You will also find the best florist here.

It has maintained many original features such as its picturesque bandstand and historic monuments, while also boasting magnificent formal gardens, heritage displays and a tranquil lake. Flagstaff Gardens offer visitors an oasis of peace amongst the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city life. Along with sunset watching you can also enjoy some other facilities that this garden offers such as a tennis court, and a kid’s playground.

Name Flagstaff Gardens
Website melbourne.vic.gov.au
Sunset Time 8:26pm
Opening Time Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Address 309-311 William St, West Melbourne VIC 3003
How To Reach By Bus Bus line stop near Flagstaff Gardens: 216, 220, 235, 304, 546, 605, 907
How To Reach By Train You can reach the Flagstaff Gardens by taking a train to Flagstaff station and walk for 4 minutes to reach the destination.
Directions goo.gl/maps
Nearby Attractions State Library Victoria, Immigration Museum, The Block Arcade
Best Nearby Hotels Atlantis Hotel, Pegasus Apart'Hotel, Oaks Melbourne on William Suites
Best Restaurants City Grill Room, Metropolitan Hotel, The Mint Bar & Restaurant, Bird's Basement

Google Review: “Lovely place to stop and recharge in the middle of a hectic day. Pleasant surrounds and copious shade from spreading trees makes this park an oasis in the middle of the urban wilds”.- Scott Thornby

5. Ponyfish Island

Ponyfish Island

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to watch a stunning Melbourne sunset, then look no further than Ponyfish Island. Located on the Yarra River, just south of the city’s CBD, this picturesque island offers spectacular views of the sky as it lights up in shades of pink and oranges at twilight. Whether you take a stroll around or grab some takeout and sit with your toes in the sand, Ponyfish Island is a great way to finish off a summer evening in Melbourne. The floating eating place is made up of a number of steel frames that are used as the foundation for a range of aquatic plants, trees and shrubs.

It is designed to give city dwellers a tranquil spot to relax and enjoy nature in an otherwise urban setting. Visitors can explore the island’s network of pathways and pavilions, making it a great spot to look out over the river or take some time away from their hectic lives. There will be no doubt that you will remain excited to visit this place again to enjoy the amazing vibe and ambience. Don’t forget to make your visit more remarkable by treating coffee from the best cafes.

Name Ponyfish Island
Website ponyfishisland.com.au
Sunset Time 8:25pm
Opening Time Monday: 11am–1am
Tuesday: 11am–1am
Wednesday: 11am–1am
Thursday: 11am–1am
Friday: 11am–1am
Saturday: 11am–1am
Sunday: 11am–1am
Address Evan Walker Bridge, Southbank VIC 3006
How To Reach By Bus Bus line stop near Ponyfish Island: 207, 216, 220, 234, 251, 304
How To Reach By Train Nearest station to Ponyfish Island is Flinders Street. From there you need to walk for 6 minutes.
Directions goo.gl/maps
Nearby Attractions Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne River Cruises, IceBar Melbourne
Best Nearby Hotels Rendezvous Hotel, Crown Metropol, The Langham
Best Restaurants Waterfront, La Camera Restaurant Southgate, Arbory Bar & Eatery

Google Review: “A relaxing place to chill after work. Enjoy the waterfront view with a cool drinks and watch the sunset in the evening. The bar is under the Evan walker bridge, a short walk from the Flinder station on the river side.” – Wander Wider

6. Royal Park

Royal Park

Melbourne is surrounded by a number of natural beauties and Royal Park is one of the best places to enjoy that beauty. A popular local spot to catch a spectacular sunset is Royal Park. With its sprawling fields and views of the horizon, Royal Park is a great place to watch the sun slowly deep beneath the horizon at dusk. Whether you’re lounging on the grass or taking a stroll through the park, don’t miss a chance to take in all that nature has to offer at this magical time of day.

With its scenic views and tranquil atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to relax and take in the beauty of nature. Whether you’re looking for a romantic stroll or just a quiet, peaceful evening, Royal Park has everything you need for a relaxing moment of peace before the sun sets. Don’t forget to bring your camera – you’ll want to capture these breathtaking moments! To enjoy the fullest you should carry some snacks and blankets with you. Also, there is a barbecue and picnic facility to enjoy outdoor meals with the soft glow of the sun. The 170-hectare park comes under the top spots of Melburnian to enjoy a peaceful evening from noise and traffic.

Name Royal Park
Website whatson.melbourne.vic.gov.au
Sunset Time 8:25pm
Opening Time Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Address Lot 1 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC 3052
How To Reach By Bus Bus line stop near Royal Park: 504
How To Reach By Train Nearest station to Royal Park is the Upfield line. From there you need to walk for 5 to 10 minutes
Directions goo.gl/maps
Nearby Attractions Queen Victoria Market, Flinders Street Railway Station, Old Melbourne Gaol
Best Nearby Hotels Oaks Melbourne On William Suites, Brady Hotels Central Melbourne, Melbourne Marriott Hotel
Best Restaurants La Tortilleria, La Tortilleria, Trotters Bistro

Google Review: ”A surprisingly expansive park with lots of other things to see within it. It’s probably the closest you will get to actually being in the bush without being it.” – Thomas Liontis

7. Arts Center Melbourne

Arts Center Melbourne

A trip to Arts Center Melbourne is a must if you wish to witness one of the most stunning sunsets in the city. Located next to the Yarra River banks and with easy access from nearby train and tram stations, Arts Center Melbourne provides the perfect place to soak up a beautiful sunset. You can spend some time walking around on its grounds, staring out onto the twinkling skyline of Melbourne, and watching as the sun gradually sets over the horizon.

Located in the heart of Melbourne, this bustling cultural center transforms into a tranquil hub during sunset, offering majestic views of the city skyline illuminated with the warm glow of the setting sun. Whether it’s simply soaking up the environment or grabbing a spot to take some unforgettable photos, there is something for everyone at Arts Center Melbourne during golden hour. The great thing about this location is you can enjoy live music while soaking in the beauty of the sun.

Name Arts Center Melbourne
Website artscentremelbourne.com.au
Sunset Time 8:25pm
Opening Time Monday: 7am–7pm
Tuesday: 7am–7pm
Wednesday: 7am–7pm
Thursday: 7am–7pm
Friday: 7am–7pm
Saturday: 8:30am–11pm
Sunday: 9am–5pm
Address 100 St Kilda Rd, Southbank VIC 3004
How To Reach By Bus Bus line stop near Arts Center Melbourne: 251, 302, 605, 907
How To Reach By Train The nearest station to Arts Center Melbourne is Flinders Street Station. Step out towards Swanston Street and walk towards Prince Bridge
Directions goo.gl/maps
Nearby Attractions Crown Towers Melbourne, The Langham, Melbourne Skydeck
Best Nearby Hotels DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Melbourne, Mercure Welcome Melbourne, ibis budget Melbourne CBD
Best Restaurants Teatro, La Camera Restaurant Southgate, La Camera Restaurant Southgate

Google Review: “An evening filled with amazing memories! My first experience at the renowned Arts Centre Melbourne and boy was it great. The hall was huge and magnificent with an amazing audio system. The Phantom of the Opera is a classic for a reason. From it’s grand sets, brilliant singing and beautiful acting it was a night to remember :)” –Shreyas Muralidharan

Final Words

These are some of the best spots where you can witness the best view of the sunset. Melbourne city has a diverse collection of beautiful spots and structures that offer exceptional views. So if you are planning your trip to Melbourne or already living there then you should visit these top spots to add memories to your life.


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