Things to Do on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda This Weekend

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Do you need a fun and action-packed weekend break in Melbourne? St. Kilda’s Fitzroy Street is the only place to look. This well-known location has a variety of sights and activities that are ideal for a weekend getaway. Fitzroy Street has something for everyone, from delectable breakfasts to exhibitions of modern art. This blog will discuss some of the best weekend activities on Fitzroy Street in St. Kilda. Whether you’re a foodie, an art enthusiast, or a thrill seeker, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. So let’s get going!

1. Enjoy a Brunch or Lunch

The first thing that you can plan this weekend is to enjoy a delicious brunch or lunch. Fitzroy Street is well renowned for its variety of cafés and eateries, making it the ideal place to go for a delectable brunch or lunch. Fitzroy Street offers a variety of options available, whether you’re craving a traditional Australian breakfast, a nutritious bowl, or something more unusual.

Fitzrovia, a contemporary Australian cafe renowned for its top-notch ingredients and delectable meals, is one of the busiest brunch locations on Fitzroy Street. From traditional eggs benedict to more unusual choices like black rice pudding and maple-roasted pumpkin, the café provides a wide selection of breakfast selections. They also provide a wide variety of lunch options, such as sandwiches, salads, and hamburgers.

Spudbar, a health-focused cafe that serves up full and nutrient-dense dishes created with fresh ingredients, is another fantastic choice for brunch or lunch. They provide a variety of baked potatoes, salads, smoothies, and juices on their menu. Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan alternatives are also available at Spudbar for people who have dietary limitations.

Visit Acland St. Cake Shop for their delectable pastries and cakes if you’re in the mood for something sweet. For those with a sweet craving, this famous bakery, which has been around since 1952, is a must-visit location. Try one of their delectable cakes or pastries, or their famous vanilla slice.

Try Babu Ji, a contemporary Indian restaurant, for something a little more unique. They offer brunch items including masala omelette with sourdough toast and chole bhature, an Indian breakfast dish made with chickpeas and deep-fried bread. They have a variety of curries, biryanis, and other Indian foods on their lunch menu that are guaranteed to please. A vast variety of breakfast and lunch alternatives are available on Fitzroy Street that are likely to satisfy any appetite.

2. Visit the Linden New Art Gallery

Visit the Linden New Art Gallery

Next comes to our list is Fitzroy Street’s Linden New Art Gallery, which is a must-see location for art enthusiasts. The gallery presents modern art exhibits by local and foreign artists in a stunning heritage building. The gallery wants to interact with the locals and give up-and-coming artists a place to exhibit their work.

To make your weekend special you can plan a trip to this art gallery. The shows at the Linden New Art Gallery feature a variety of materials and genres and are frequently thought-provoking. The gallery is a top choice for anybody interested in modern art since its curators put a lot of effort into putting together shows that challenge and excite visitors.

The Linden New Art Gallery also provides a variety of public programmes and activities, such as artist presentations, workshops, and panel discussions, in addition to exhibitions. Visitors get the chance to interact with the artists at these events and learn more about their work and the creative process.

The Linden New Art Gallery’s dedication to advancing social justice and human rights via the arts is one of its distinctive features. With regard to social and political issues like climate change, gender equality, and indigenous rights, the gallery has a history of hosting exhibitions and events. Anyone interested in modern art and social justice should visit the Linden New Art Gallery. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon on Fitzroy Street with its provocative exhibitions and interesting public programmes.

3. Walk Along St Kilda Beach

Walk Along St Kilda Beach

Without enjoying a leisurely stroll down St Kilda Beach, no trip to Fitzroy Street in St. Kilda would be complete. St. Kilda Beach, which is easily accessible from Fitzroy Street, is a favourite spot for both locals and visitors. It’s the ideal location to unwind and enjoy the sunlight with its breathtaking views of Port Phillip Bay and the Melbourne cityscape.

With beautiful sand and azure sea, the beach itself is long and wide. There are several coastal cafés and restaurants where you can get something to eat or a cool drink, and it’s a terrific area to swim or sunbathe.

A stroll down the renowned St Kilda Pier is one of the most well-liked activities on St Kilda Beach. The pier, which is older than a century, provides breathtaking views of the water and the shore. There are several attractions along the pier, including the Donovans, where you can have a snack or coffee, and the St Kilda Pier Aquarium, where you can get up close to a variety of aquatic life.

You may even test your mettle at other water activities like stand-up paddleboarding or kiteboarding if you’re feeling very daring. Along the beach, there are many rental businesses where you can rent equipment and receive instruction from qualified instructors.

Overall, a must-do activity when visiting Fitzroy Street is strolling along St. Kilda Beach. It’s the ideal way to spend a leisurely afternoon in Melbourne because of the breathtaking vistas, variety of activities, and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Visit Luna Park

Visit Luna Park

Luna Park is a well-known Melbourne landmark and a must-see location for everyone travelling through the city. It is situated on the famous Esplanade along Fitzroy Street. For more than a century, this historic amusement park has been dazzling tourists with its exhilarating rides, fun fair-style games, and festive atmosphere.

The park is well-known for its enormous Ferris wheel, its thrilling rollercoaster, the Great Scenic Railway, and its nerve-wracking Enterprise ride. The Twin Dragon ride, the Ghost Train, and the Coney Island Top Drop are just a few of the many additional attractions to enjoy.

Along with its rides, Luna Park also features a variety of funfair games where you can compete for prizes. Additionally, there are a variety of food and beverage options available, including classic carnival foods like hot dogs, popcorn, and fairy floss.

The historic charm of Luna Park is one of its distinctive features. With many of the original elements still there, the park has been painstakingly restored to its original 1912 form. While still enjoying the thrills of contemporary rides and attractions, visitors may take in the vintage setting.

Luna Park is a fantastic choice for a family day out if you’re travelling with children. Younger children will find several rides and activities suited for them, as well as a variety of family-friendly dining options.

5. Shop at Alma Mexicana

Shop at Alma Mexicana

Check out Alma Mexicana if you’re looking for a distinctive shopping experience on Fitzroy Street. This lively boutique sells a variety of handcrafted goods with Mexican influences, such as clothes, accessories, home décor, and gifts.

The items from Alma Mexicana are all responsibly sourced and uniquely created by Mexican artists. The store’s founders, who are natives of Mexico, are passionate about showcasing the finest of the country’s craftsmen and are very appreciative of the rich culture and traditions of their own land.

Alma Mexicana sells a variety of goods, such as vibrantly embroidered garments, deftly hand-woven purses and baskets, and exquisite pottery. Along with a variety of traditional Mexican accessories like woven hats and sandals, the store also sells jewellery like beaded necklaces and earrings.

Alma Mexicana provides tourists with the chance to learn more about Mexican culture and traditions in addition to the shopping experience. The business frequently holds events and seminars where you may pick up information on subjects like Mexican food, music, and art.

Overall, Alma Mexicana is a great place to visit if you’re interested in Mexican culture and seeking one-of-a-kind, handcrafted goods. The ambiance is lively and colourful, and the store is dedicated to ethical and ecological sourcing, making it a memorable shopping experience.

6. Have a Drink at The Espy

Have a Drink at The Espy

Without seeing The Esplanade Hotel, or “The Espy” as it is more widely known, on Fitzroy Street in St. Kilda, a journey wouldn’t be complete. Since the late 1800s, this historic hotel has been a St. Kilda icon, and it just underwent a thorough makeover to return it to its former splendour.

The variety of bars and restaurants at The Espy is one of its features. The Espy features a variety of spaces to choose from, including a stylish cocktail bar and a laid-back beer garden. The Public Bar, the hotel’s main bar, is a traditional Aussie pub with a variety of beers on tap and a menu of pub food favourites.

The elegant and posh Espy Kitchen & Bar is located on the top level of The Espy if you’re looking for something a little more premium. From traditional cocktails to craft beers and exquisite wines, this stylish cocktail bar serves a wide selection of libations. A variety of gourmet appetisers and shared platters are offered on the equally outstanding menu to pair with your libations.

Visit the beer garden at The Espy if you want a more relaxed atmosphere. This patio space is the ideal spot for relaxing with a drink while soaking up the St. Kilda sun. It’s a well-liked location among both locals and tourists due to its lush surroundings and laid-back ambiance.

The Espy offers live music events all year long in addition to its pubs and eateries. The Espy is a must-visit location for every music enthusiast because of its renowned bedroom and frequent performances by local and international bands.

7. Take a Cooking Class at South Melbourne Market

Take a Cooking Class at South Melbourne Market

Why not sign up for a cooking lesson at the neighbouring South Melbourne Market if you’re a food enthusiast searching for a fun and distinctive experience on Fitzroy Street in St. Kilda? The market is home to a variety of culinary schools that include lessons on Asian street cuisine as well as pasta-making training.

The Australian-owned and -operated Foodie Trails is one of the most well-liked culinary institutions at the South Melbourne Market. With sessions concentrating on Indian, Sri Lankan, and Persian food, to mention just a few, this culinary school specialises in educating tourists about the wide variety of cuisines present in Melbourne. From beginner-friendly courses to more challenging classes for seasoned cooks, Foodie Trails offers a variety of culinary lessons.

Each lesson is conducted by a skilled educator who will walk you through the process of cooking and reveal their exclusive secrets for making tasty, genuine food. A trip to the South Melbourne Market is an experience in and of itself, in addition to the culinary sessions. The market is home to a large variety of merchants that offer anything from gourmet cheeses and pastries to fresh fruit and seafood. Be sure to explore the market and try some of the delectable cuisines on sale after your culinary session.

8. Visit Acland Street

Visit Acland Street

Acland Street is one of Melbourne’s most well-known and lively streets which will enhance your weekend trip. With a wide variety of cafés, restaurants, stores, and boutiques to visit, this vibrant street is a centre of activity. Acland Street is known for its bright street art, which can be seen on many of the buildings as murals and graffiti. It’s the ideal location for taking pictures and appreciating the originality of Melbourne’s artists.

Foodies will also adore Acland Street because of the variety of bakeries, cafés, and restaurants there that provide everything from substantial breakfasts to foreign cuisine to delectable pastries and cakes. The classic European-inspired cafe, Cafe Di Stasio, and Monarch Cakes, which has been dishing up delectable cakes and pastries since the 1930s, are two of the most well-liked locations.

Acland Street has a variety of boutique shops providing anything from vintage apparel and accessories to one-of-a-kind gifts and home goods for individuals who enjoy shopping. You’re likely to discover something that strikes your eye on Acland Street, whether you’re seeking a unique gift or an addition to your wardrobe.

The delicious cakes and pastries from the neighbourhood bakeries are one of Melbourne’s most renowned delights, and no trip to Acland Street would be complete without sampling them.

The bakeries on Acland Street provide something for every taste, whether you’re in the mood for a traditional vanilla slice or something a bit more unusual, like a pastry packed with Turkish delight or a slice of rich chocolate cake.

In general, Acland Street should not be missed by anyone visiting Fitzroy Street in St. Kilda. It’s a boulevard that’s guaranteed to make an impact thanks to its colourful street art, delectable cuisine, unusual shopping, and legendary bakeries.

Final Words

Fitzroy Street in St. Kilda provides a wide range of experiences and activities for tourists to delight in, from breakfast at one of the numerous cafes to a walk along the beach or a trip to the famous Luna Park. Fitzroy Street has something for everyone, whether you’re a gourmet, an art enthusiast, or just trying to chill. In light of this, if you’re searching for something to do this weekend, why not visit Fitzroy Street and take in everything this lively and diverse community has to offer? You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time whether you decide to indulge in the delectable cuisine, experience the art and culture, or just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

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